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I am 36 years old, I have been raising rabbits for 27  years now.

  Rabbits was one of the very first pets I was aloud, also the first my mom didn't take away.

I have had many different breeds, the lops of coarse were my most memorable, but I had this one lop that I managed to buy, the owner didnt really  want to sell her, but I was able to get her to sell to me.

   My first French Lop doe, (Dasher) she was the most beautiful Doe I had, and one of my most favored ones.

    I absolutely love this breed!

I have three children. All of which love to visit the bunnies for their everyday cuddles.

Everyday they teach me something new, they enjoy our company just as much as we love theirs. This breed can get up to 15 pounds, at least mine have, the bucks are the friendliest. Even though I find their temperaments less territorial then the ladies. That doesn't mean all does are this way, I do have a few that are very much not territorial.

They love their time to be out and about...everyone just like people have their very own characteristics and attitude, temperaments..its very neat to watch each one grow.

There is so much to take into account when considering this breed, some are ok with being packed around, most are not. Please respect the breed, if this is a pet for your four year old.. its probably not a good match.

As  a dog. Or any other pet please research the breed first or contact me for more info, all

questions welcomed

message or e mail anytime!


To have these guys I find is a great

gift, they are hard to come by,

all my rabbits are my babies

whether they stay or come

to your home.

If I don't think your home

is suitable, I will refuse the sale.

Their well being is much more

important to me

Then your money.

Thank you!